Pictures from the service station

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1951 Nash Statesman This is my 1951 Nash Statesman, a rare two-door model, ready to be filled up. It has a nearly noiseless 6-cylinder engine with side valves. The seats can be folded down to make a comfortable double bed. Margot by the cash box This is Margot. We found her in an ad. She was given her name after the lady who sold her. Margot serves her living by managing the gas station cashbox. She has never asked for payment, although being here for nearly five years.
Rows of mopeds All mopeds side by side. May be a bit tight when vacuuming. Fuel rack A fuel rack with glass bottles. The sign reads: "Fast service, serve yourself to wanted quantity of moped fuel". Found this in the boiler room, repainted and dirty but underneath the paint it was as new.
A Cool Machine This is a cool item. The only problem is that it chills too well the Coke becomes ice. Therefore it's just a storage place for liquid that does not freeze that easy. Wurlitzer 2104 A 1957 Wurlitzer 2104 in mint condition. A superb sound fills the station from Elvis, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison records. Even Sven-Ingmars, a good old Swedish band, can be heard from time to time.
The gas station at night The gasoline pumps in the evening light. The Puch sign at night At night it shines, from the road you see a familiar sign, the Puch logotype.